About Me

Flor San Roman is trying to take this About Me page very seriously.

Flor San Roman is trying very hard not to over-think this. She may be failing.
(When she was seven her dad told her she would go crazy from thinking so much.)

Flor would like to tell you about what she does with her life: like voice acting, at which she’s apparently not half bad. Go check out her commercial demo. She’s the company dramaturg and a sometimes stage manager at Son of Semele Ensemble. She has also directed plays at other companies. She speaks a little bit of Japanese. She’s been paid to translate between English and Spanish, and spent several years as a professional content editor at a prominent search marketing company.

Flor San Roman hates format writing and thinks the draconian edits needed to create the above info-dump were harsh and potentially harmful to her overall oeuvre.
“Oeuvre?” Seriously? Yeah, seriously. Shut up.

Flor San Roman thinks writing about herself in the third person is getting tedious, mainly because she has to squash her tendency to be a smart-ass.
That alone is giving some credibility to Dad’s words. Really? And how’s that? Well, look, you–

Flor San Roman should probably stop while she’s ahead. You can write to her with questions or comments, by email or below. She’s really quite thoughtful when she answers.

Email: flor.sanroman@yahoo.com

Other Stuff I Love to Go On and On About:

  • Linguistics: the first and last brain hack
  • Art: the study of internal worlds
  • Wine: and sometimes whiskey
  • Los Angeles: God, I love this town
  • Friends: I have a couple and they’re worth talking about
  • Spirituality: I actually don’t love talking about it, but I do mull it a lot
  • Geeky things: anime, comic books, role playing games, etc
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