I’ve posted my commercial demo to the Audio page.  So long as I don’t think too deeply I like it.  It was a peculiar day when I got it back.

On first hearing the whole thing I really liked it.  Hell, to me, it sounded darned  professional!  I try not to get snowed by production & sound design.  That part had better sound good, considering what it cost and the big time reputation of my producer. But the part that I have to measure is my own performance, and  it’s the most important part of the demo, considering that, not the design, is what will get me hired.  And so, on first listen, I thought it worked.  Then I listened to it again and I was sure it was terrible.  I choked and wavered and just sounded weird.

After a quick little panic attack I remembered that I’m not the best immediate judge of my own work.  There was a reason I had aimed to solicit thoughts from pros and friends alike.  They would check my blind spots and give me a reality check.  And they did – even if asking five people got me seven or eight different opinions – I got some solid criticism and a satisfactory number of thumbs-up.

Squishy-but-true: I got to play my demo for my mom.  When it was done she turned to me with an impish smile and said, “hey that was good!”  It was then I realized that my mom hadn’t really seen or heard me perform since high school, quite possibly earlier (I really can’t remember).  She helped me out with my Theatre degree, she’s helping me with VO classes and some of my tools at home… but she doesn’t actually know what I can do.  Well, now she has an idea.  Still.  My mom like my demo.  That feels awesome.

Yep, I’ve been sitting on it, letting myself get distracted.  I don’t have much to say for myself on that front.  Just…don’t tell my mom ok?  I’m getting a move on, I promise.