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This summer has either been feast or famine with projects and labor.  I’ve either been juggling a show or a project and class or workshop or I’ve been flat on the couch, watching cartoons.  When I’m busy I have a lot I’d love to write but I can’t sit still long enough to post anything.  And when nothing is going on I can’t think of a thing to say.

Well there’s plenty to say now…and of course I haven’t the time to hammer them out.  Between voice classes, imrpov, a weekend retreat with my fellows at Son of Semele where we were off being creative and more than a little drunk, coming back to a weekend of crafting the next play we will devise, and now a show to stage manage at Open Fist… there’s been a lot of stage-y stuff going on.  It’s quite exciting!

Of course, it’s not exactly what I was hoping to do, precisely.  I kind of need to get paying work.  Like a lot.  And I haven’t been pushing for it.  Like at all.  (At least the Stage Managing gig does offer decent-ish pay, but not until the show goes into production.)  So I haven’t been working on auditions in a while; I’ve barely been keeping a feel for VO work with a couple of workshops here and there.  I need more than that – I really need a couple more coaching sessions to feel grounded again…and of course that takes money.

Eek.  I really get suspicious when people say things like following one’s passion with every expectation that money will follow/take care of itself is totally reasonable or even a positive way to go.  Working on making money is what makes money.  Working on making theatre is what makes theatre.  If my efforts managed to combine them then I may be able to get a combination that satisfied my need for both.  I just don’t buy that following my bliss is all I need in life.

Although I hear, with enough bliss I may forget to be hungry which could solve the problem of money for food as well as getting me to lose weight.


Anyway, off to rehearsal.