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Today my throat hurts. So today I’ll write about voice acting instead of actually doing it. I haven’t put myself to work on voice for a while. I’ve taken some classes here and there but let auditioning dribble off to almost none – despite seeking more information on where I could go to find more opportunities.

In cases like this I want to explain why, but I don’t have a good explanation. It was hot? I really can’t say. I took a workshop at Bang Zoom! through their voice acting class/lesson program, Adventures in Voice Acting back in July and took another one yesterday. And both days I came away exhausted but happy. And seriously thinking about what I wanted to do next with my career.

I am a bit perturbed that I really didn’t do much for the career in between dates. There isn’t a lot to dig into. I make up my schedule as I go along so I just have to make up the time to work and then stick to it. But…also… there’s just the step that is putting myself out there. I keep finding reasons not to take it. Every once in a while I send out my demo or put together an audition at home. But I’m not making it a habit.

The only explanation is fear, even though I don’t feel afraid. But sometimes I don’t feel tired, I just notice I don’t have energy. Or I don’t notice how stressed I am but I have trouble catching my breath. Maybe it’s simple fear of change. I’d have to quit a lot of simple luxuries and treat myself like an employed person – even without an income for a while to come. It doesn’t make any sense to not just do the work in front of me. But I never make much sense to myself.

It’s past time I took all of that, all of myself in hand and pushed onward.

Amazing people are doing really cool things and there are zero reasons I couldn’t be one them.