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Hey there.  Checking in.  How have you been?  More or less the same?  Me too, I guess.  So little is different now, it hardly seems worth writing.  But I’ll tell you, that tiny difference is worth the mention.  Because I like this, where I am right now.

I got to participate in a really cool staged reading of crazy/amazing absurdist Polish play; I’m regularly attending Japanese class at a local gakuen (Japanese language school); I seem to have hit a good rhythm with getting to the gym (*knock wood*); I have really great friends who have alternately offered me a place to stay, cheap truck repair, solid advice, delicious hugs, terrific cocktails, or simply access to their general greatness.

Sure it could be better.  It could always be better.  I feel like I’m weaving my life out of bits of fluff that float by on the spring breeze.  But the bits of fluff are really pretty and soft.

And that staged reading was really, really cool.

I know. I should write more often… I keep saying I will.  But then cool stuff comes along, you know?  Forgive me?